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A few days ago I was strolling around my home town Groningen, when a family asked me the directions to the Dutch Comics Museum (‘Stripmuseum’). As this had been a particularly unproductive day so far (a lot of thinking without getting anywhere, really), I felt very happy to be of service. Silly as it may sound, it actually made me feel good.

This was an important lesson for two reasons.

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About 11 years ago, my then girlfriend (now wife) gave me this drawing as a present. She called it “Let’s fly”. And we sure did!


Now that my children have grown up and are about to leave the house, it’s indeed time to fly. And maybe you can help. Or rather, I hope I can help you…
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Societal concerns are increasingly left to the marketplace to resolve. We no longer discuss and prioritise societal issues in a dialogue with society as a whole. We no longer share, discuss, or build a vision on long term solutions to the problems that we face. They are no longer solved at the (super)national level, by imposing laws or regulations, or creating economic incentives through grants or tax rules. Instead we rely on the concerns and personal choices of individual citizens to create societal change, in the hope that
individual decisions in ‘the marketplace’ will create such change as some kind of emergent behaviour.
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