Let's fly

January 1, 2016

About 11 years ago, my then girlfriend (now wife) gave me this drawing as a present. She called it "Let's fly". And we sure did!

Let's Fly

Now that my children have grown up and are about to leave the house, it's indeed time to fly. And maybe you can help. Or rather, I hope I can help you...

This is my new year's resolution: I want to use my knowledge and experience to contribute to a good cause.

I have been working at places where technology, society, law and art came together. I am good at getting at the heart of a problem, solving complex puzzles, bridging seemingly contradictory requirements, and understanding people from different disciplines and backgrounds. I like to challenge beliefs and assumptions; also my own. I enjoy talking in public and explain the essence of complex (technological) issues to a general public. I love to discuss and debate, as it helps me sharpen my thoughts and adjust my point of view. I like being part of a small team, focused on solving a problem or delivering a result. (For my full bio, see this page, and click the icons on the sidebar on that page for even more information.)

Money is not part of the equation. I have a part time job at the university, at least for the moment, that covers my cost of living. This means that I don't necessarily need to get paid for the work I do, as long as any expenses are covered. It all depends on the things I do, the value that creates, and for whom. (If you are a commercial venture, I do typically expect to get paid.)

In other words, if you have a worthy cause you think I could contribute to, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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