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I often add highlights or notes to the digital documents I read. But I found annotating ebooks a nuisance. My main problem is that, unlike pdf, epub (the ebook document format) cannot store annotations in the ebook itself. Instead most ebook readers (iBooks or Marvin) store the annotations you make in one local database. This makes it harder to read my annotated ebooks on another device. Also, there is always a risk that somehow the annotations get lost or detached from the ebook. Not a nice thought if you rely on your annotations! And most importantly, it locks you into a particular ecosystem: you cannot take the ebooks and their annotations and start using a different system for reading your ebooks (either different software or hardware).
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Or… How DRM invades your privacy, and why this doesn’t have to be the case.

ADEPT (Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology) is the DRM (Digital Rights Management) system developed by Adobe to protect ebooks. The description below is based on the Adobe Content Server 4 User Manual,
this paper, a github site (confirmed by my own traces) and the following
ADEPT hack.

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