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The earth is divided in timezones. Timezones guarantee that on every place on earth noon 12 o’clock is, roughly speaking, the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest point on the firmament. As a result, 12 o’clock in one timezone corresponds to 11 o’clock one timezone to the west (the sun rises there later) and corresponds to 1 o’clock one timezone to the east (where the sun rises earlier). Most mobile calendar apps support timezones. In fact many calendar apps do not even allow you to create an event without specifying a timezone. But they do so in a totally unusable way. Thing is: you only notice when you start traveling…
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When playing with my favourite calendar app it struck me it could be improved with a better way to enter the date and the time of an appointment. So I designed a few custom iOS keyboard layouts for this purpose.

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I maintain a calendar of Security, Privacy and Cryptography related events. In fact it is a public Google calendar, that can be accessed directly as well.

This calendar contains most international, scientific conferences, symposia or workshops on security, privacy or cryptography, including submission deadlines (in a separate sub-calendar). To be included on the calendar, send your Call for Papers as described here.