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The push for open access to scientific publications is finally getting traction. For example, Plan S, backed by mostly European institutes funding scientific research, was launched in September last year. But I really worry about the direction we are heading. Current proposals essentially maintain the status quo and keep the huge profits of the publishers intact. The only change is that instead of libraries paying for subscriptions, authors now pay for publishing their papers. This is problematic for several reasons, to be explained in this post, and hence not a solution. Instead we should strive for a model where both the publishing of scientific papers by authors and the access to those papers by anyone in the world should be open to and free for all. In other words: open access should be free for both authors and their readers.

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With the suicide of Aaron Swartz, and the subsequent #pdftribute protest on Twitter, the movement for Open Access to research literature has gained momentum. As a scientist in the area of security and privacy I feel I should contribute, but wonder how. Read the rest of this entry »