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ubikima-logotest02Even though they are insecure, passwords are still the main form of authentication available on the web. There are several reasons for this. Users are used to passwords, and trust them. Teaching them to use something new requires time and effort. If users don’t see the benefit of a new system, they will continue using passwords. Services have been using passwords for ages. Using a different method requires a significant effort (in terms of time and other resources). Moreover, authentication systems form a two-sided market with cross side effects. This creates the chicken-egg dilemma that users will not migrate to a form of authentication that is not offered by a significant number of services, and services will not offer a new authentication method if no users use it.

The challenge is to break this vicious cycle. And UbiKiMa aims to achieve just that.

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Jammer dat Albert Heijn onlangs haar nieuwe bonuskaart heeft ge├»ntroduceerd. Hiermee moet je namelijk inloggen om je aankoopgeschiedenis in te zien, en kan dat niet meer met enkel je bonuskaart nummer (ja, dat artikel stamt al uit 2009!). Ik ben dus gewoon te laat met mijn AH Erlebnis…

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(Photo: Michiel de Roo)

(Photo: Michiel de Roo)

The Love Boat will be scrapped. Is there any special final purpose for this icon of Love and Romance? Yes there is! Love Boat Locks. Made from the romance infused steel remains of the Love Boat. A true token of love for you significant other. To be attached to a local fence, bridge or gate to symbolise your eternal bond. Brought to you by

(Merel and I concocted this some time ago during a coffee break.)

With the ever more pervasive location tracking of cars, through our mobile phones and devices, and our use of public transport, all sorts of interesting applications suddenly become possible. One of them is Enter the name (or even better, upload a picture) of someone you just met, and it will find all past moments that you and your new acquaintance were actually at the same location. A great way to find out how many times you and your new lover (for example) didn’t spot each other at a party, or simply passed each other on the street…

A privacy friendly (mmm…) version asks permission from the other part first, of course…

P.S.: The Dutch version could be called “”.

P.P.S.: The domain is for sale.

When playing with my favourite calendar app it struck me it could be improved with a better way to enter the date and the time of an appointment. So I designed a few custom iOS keyboard layouts for this purpose.

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One of the goals of the Revocable Privacy project is to show that security and privacy are not a zero sum game. The question is: if the sum is not zero, what is it…

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Visiting the Bienale in Venice made me feel very happy (I love Venice) and very sad (seeing only ‘old’ art from the big names). Walking around in the Punta della Dogana museum, re-architected by Tadao Ando in such an obviously unobvious (over designed) way that the whole building got on my nerves in fact, it felt like walking around in a temple, or rather a prison, meant to keep the people out, meant to take away the art from the people.

And then it occurred to me that, given the mainstream stuff that was shown in there (Koons, Richter, etc), this was not such a bad idea really. What about setting up a foundation, aimed at collecting all major artworks in the world. It would announce the opening of a new museum, meant to make Guggenheim, MOMA and all that look like pilferers (it would be located in Dubai, of course). Grand opening: April 1, 2014. RSVP. Everybody shows up. And then: a black box (or maybe golden..). No doors. No windows. All art inside. Safe. Forever.

The museum would be called “A Space For New Art”. Because that is what it would provide: space for new art. Because it would take all the old art from the face of the earth, creating a void that can be filled with new ideas by new artists. At last.