Fix Europe! #fixeurope

March 21, 2016

IMG_1751 Last year I gave a lecture at a summer school on Lesbos. It was in July, right after the Greeks voted against a bailout. All Greeks, students and teachers alike, were gloomy and stressed. They loosened up, just a little, when three days later Prime Minister Tsipras did formally apply for a bailout, which Europe accepted shortly after that.
At the same time we saw scores of refugees walk along the highway every morning and found dozens of life jackets on the beaches.
I saw Europe disintegrate before my very eyes. I felt I stood right at the fault line of history. That first week it seemed nothing but certain I would return home from Greece as a country that would no longer belong to Europe. I was lucky: I could go back to Europe. They might not. And neither might the refugees. And it made me very very sad.

On the island they served a Greek beer that I didn't know yet: Fix. I liked their logo: Fix Hellas. And I thought of how ironic that sounded given the circumstances. I thought it would make a nice T-shirt. (I occasionally design and make them myself.) And then I realised it wasn't Greece that needed fixing: it was Europe! That's how this T-shirt was born.

I have been wearing it for a while now, and every time I tell this story, people tell me they like the shirt and would like to have one as well! I was initially reluctant. But given the fact that the refugee crisis has only become worse, and Europe is spinning out of control, I have changed my mind. It is time to fix Europe!

Wear it. And then do whatever you think is necessary to fix Europe. If you like, take a selfie wearing the shirt, and tweet it with the hashtag #fixeurope.

The shirt is a Fruit of the Loom (Super Premium mens / Lady-Fit Valueweight ladies) printed using a waterbased silkscreen. It is available in the following sizes.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Mens N.A.
N.A. N.A.

The price is € 25,- including VAT and shipping.

To order, either click one of the "Buy now" buttons above. Alternatively, send me an email with your address and desired type/size, and I will provide you with information how to pay by wire transfer.

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Theo Mensen
, 2016-03-21 12:01:40

Fixing Europe is fixing political alienation(s)